SkinHaptics: Ultrasound Focused in the Hand Creates Tactile Sensations


SkinHaptics is a novel technology that can help to expand the output capability of on-body interfaces to provide tactile feedback without restricting the skin as an interaction surface. SkinHaptics works by focusing ultrasound in the hand using a phased array of ultrasound transmitters and the acoustic time-reversal signal processing technique. We present experimental results that show that this device can steer and focus ultrasound on the skin through the hand, which provides the basis for the envisioned technology. We then present results of a user study that show that the focused energy can create sensations that are perceived under the skin and in the hand. We demonstrate the potential of SkinHaptics and discuss how our proof-of-concept device can be scaled beyond the prototype.


SkinHaptics: Ultrasound Focused in the Hand Creates Tactile Sensations. Daniel Spelmezan, Rafael Morales González, Sriram Subramanian. In Proceedings of the IEEE Haptics Symposium (HAPTICS), pages 98-105, 2016. IEEE. DOI: 10.1109/HAPTICS.2016.7463162